H e t N i e u w e I n s t i t u u t | F o y e r / B o o k s h o p

Re-interpret the Foyer, Bookshop and deck spaces of the Het Nieuwe Instituut for the exhibition Space Embodied, in collaboration with designer and producer Madeleine Maans and designer Raphaël Coutin. Looking towards an evolution of these spaces from the Temporary Fashion Museum, key spatial elements – illuminated foam walls and large glass vitrines, merged with new spatial elements.

This spatial evolution comes together in the new bookshop. The modular archive system previously part of the Fashion Archive in Zaal 1 in TFM is hacked and added to. Book display becomes linear and streamline and transforms into a horizontal landscape of flat display and suspended shelves. A large glass vitrine previously used for TFM NOW collections transitions into an area for journal publications, a space to enter, sit and explore. The vitrine hack turns customers and visitors into elements of display.