T E C H N O L O G I E S F O R S E D U C T I V E C R I T I CI S M _ coming soon

Technologies for Seductive Criticism is a methodology for new media cultural analysis developed by designer Gabriel Maher alongside programmer Jayson Haebich. Focusing on representations of body and identity captured in image and text, Technologies for Seductive Criticism searches for editorial patterns within cultural digital platforms. The background context of images is erased using an automated process of montage that leaves the flesh of bodies exposed. Words are pulled from text in a process of quantification – from most used to least, positive and negative meaning and chronological use. The results of this deconstruction are sorted into subjective categories that observe posture, gesture, body relationships, proximity, and scale; composing a visual analysis of bodies within new media and how they are positioned through language and situation.

Technologies for Seductive Criticism is a collaboration between designer Gabriel Maher and programmer Jayson Haybich and working with Dazed Media, London. Working specifically with DazedDigital.com, three years’ worth of content (from 2014 to 2017) was scraped from the online platform.

Soon for release in 2018

Preview below:

Gabriel A Maher + Dazed Media (Concept | Collaboration, Jayson Haebich (Programming | Software Development), Michele Vescio (Sound Artist | Sound Design), Funded in part by Creative Industries NL